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**Please be sure to scroll down and check out our own little celebrity, Jagger, in action! Jagger has performed in The Big C on Showtime and in the movie St. Vincent with Bill Murray!**

Champion Shaded Dream Sirok

Bill Murray holding Jagger on the set of St. Vincent.

Bill Murray and Jagger, coming to theaters April 11, 2014.

Our cattery produces healthy,well-socialized kittens that meet all CFA breed standards.

Linda's granddaughter, Allison, holding her beloved kitten, Teddy Bear.

All of our kittens are raised under-foot in our spacious Pennsylvania home.
And because we only produce a limited number of litters each year, we are very selective in the placement of our kittens into loving homes.
We attempt to match each kitten or cat's unique personality with that of his or her "purr-fect" new parents!

Linda's grandson, Mikey, loves this cuddly kitten so much, him and his sister won't let Linda sell him.

About Our Persian Kittens & Cats:

All Kittens and Cats are CFA Registered... and some even have championship backgrounds!
Kittens are raised under-foot in a loving home environment.
Our even-tempered kittens and cats are available in a wide variety of ages.
All shots and health backgrounds are guaranteed
Local and Nationwide Placement Available
Available colors include: shaded silver, shaded golden, solid, bicolors and Calicos
Prices begin at $500 (plus transportation costs)

Our sires and dames are constantly producing
new litters, so continue checking with
Shaded Dream to find a pet that
perfectly matches your personality!

Our cattery is a member of the Cat Fancier's Association

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