We are sorry to anyone who hasn’t gotten a response back recently about a kitten.
Linda has been dealing with a lot of various things. She has recently decided to downsize.
There are photos of kittens and young adults who are available posted below.
You can send a message to Linda which should include which cat
you are interested in. She accepts credit cards through PayPal as well.
For any questions or concerns, you can contact her via email or cell phone.

This beautiful Red & White will follow you around all day wagging his tail, which he has burnt the hair off of by getting to close to the woodstove.
I have to take him to bed with me at night to keep him away from it now. He loves to go to the end of the bed and watch TV. He’s very playful with other cats
and loves balls. He is a show kitten but I will sell him as a pet for $800 $700.

This little guy is an Odd-Eyed White and is as loveable as can be. He is happy to sit on your lap all day. He will also hug you and rub his face on yours to show you he loves you.
He will sell as a pet for $800. It will be very hard to let him go. I love this kitten.

Blue-Eyed White male who is just as loveable and playful as the rest. He’s being sold for $700 $600.

The little cutie is a very loveable, female Dilute Calico. $700

He is a playful and loveable Blue & White being sold at $700

This beautiful Red & White male is very playful and loveable as well. He would have sold at Show quality, but he got an eye infection which has left a white dot in his eye. Selling him as a pet for $600


This beautiful boy has big green eyes and is playful.
He’s a Chinchilla Silver and being sold for $700.


$700 takes home this second beautiful, big green-eyed Chinchilla Silver male.


This little guy is a bit smaller than the other two, but he makes up for it with his sweetness. Like the others, he is playful too. $700


This playful little girl is an Odd Eyed White and you can take her home for $600.


This beautiful Blue & White male was born on August 7, 2013. *SOLD*


This gorgeous Red & White male was born on April 1, 2013. *SOLD*

This cute young male is Smokey. He was born on July 10, 2013.
Smokey has joined Joey in their new home.

This Blue & White male is Joey. He is the brother to the one above.
He was also born on August 7, 2013. Joey is in a new home.

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